About Sex Tharapy New Zealand, a division of STNZ 2010 Ltd.

Sex Therapy New Zealand, which was founded by clinical psychologist Robyn Salisbury, was restructured in 2010; the restructure saw 4 of the existing team become shareholding directors. Each director now has responsibility for clinical practice and management in a specific area of the country. Governance remains with the entire directorate.


The company was originally developed in response to Robyn's Salisbury's concerns aboutthe following -:

  • The fact that clients tend not to raise the issue of sex in counselling but if the therapist asks about sex, the client, almost inevitably, reveals problems. This is consistent with international research suggests at least 40% of all individuals will experience a sexual problem at some stage in their life but only 10% report their concern.
  • Lack of professional knowledge
  • Lack of available services. 


In the Company's first eight years, Robyn developed and delivered a series of training seminars. Over 500 psychologists, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, counsellors, doctors and specialist nurses have completed some or all of the training. When the company was restructured, the University of Auckland’s Good Fellow unit took over responsibility for the training but it is still taught by Sex Therapy New Zealand.