Gabriela Mercado is one of our senior consultants in Auckland

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Registered Psychotherapist, PBANZ;

MHSc (Hons); Dip Psych; MNZAP



My work has a special focus in relationship issues, emotional and sexual intimacy, gender identity conflicts and sex addiction. Through my professional and personal experience, I have found psychotherapy to be the most powerful tool to work out the emotional and psychological pain that prevents a person to live a fulfilling life.

I completed advanced training in sex therapy through the Goodfellow Unit, Auckland University in 2012. 

I have worked as a senior psychotherapist at the New Zealand Aids Foundation- Burnett Centre for seven years. I also work with migration and refugee issues. I am fluent in English and Spanish. My private practice is located in Ponsonby, Auckland.


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Paula Dennan is the regional Director for Ponsonby. To contact her

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