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Loss of Libido and Differences in Desire - Dr Vivenne Cass

11 March 2019

PRESENTER : A resident of Perth Australia, Dr Vivienne Cass is a longstanding therapist, researcher and widely published author (“Elusive Orgasm”, “There’s more to sex than AIDS: the A-Z Guide to Safe Sex”). 

Lack of interest in sex, discrepancies in desire and differing sexual preferences are common experiences and may frequently lead to distress and conflict in relationships.   These difficulties can also challenge us as therapists in terms of how best to assist those that present for help.  The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of these complex issues for individual and couple therapists and will specifically address:

LACK OF INTEREST IN SEX :Why is lack of interest in sex more of a woman’s than a man’s issue? And what can we do to help anyone for whom this is a problem?  There are many factors leading to the loss of, or lack of interest in sex and several of these may interact to reduce or prevent sexual interest. These need to be carefully teased out before any attempts are made to help those who find this a problem. 

DIFFERENT SEXUAL PREFERENCES IN RELATIONSHIPS: Partners in a relationship often differ in their sexual expectations, preferred repertoire, emotional and cognitive responses, what they find attractive and many other aspects of sexual engagement. These differences often lead to conflict, affairs and degrading of the relationship. Helping individuals and couples through these issues requires a clear assessment be made of what is underlying the conflict and differences before strategies can be applied to resolve the issues.

SEXUAL FOCUS: This program is often seen as important to solving sexual problems and is used by many sexual therapists. Done well, it can be a useful part of sexual therapy. However, it’s purpose and principals are often poorly understood, leading to it being wrongfully or badly applied to sexual problems.

Registration Details

Date: 11 March 830am-4.30pm

Venue : Sorrento in the Park, 670 Manukau Rd, Greenlane, Auckland

Cost: $265 (plus GST)  (Fee includes: Delicious lunch, morning & afternoon tea)


Payment to Bank Account: 02-0432-0070870-002  

Navigating Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

A one-day workshop for therapists to train with Allyson Waite and Paula Dennan, Clinical Psychologists, Sex Therapy New Zealand

Many couples struggle to maintain both emotionally intimate and sexually fulfilling relationships in long term relationships.  Difficulties with intimacy, including desire differences are a common presenting issue for therapy.

In this workshop we will

  • explore the concepts of intimacy from a developmental and relational perspective
  • discuss the relationship dynamics that impact intimacy
  • utilize a range of models and interventions to enhance intimacy skills
  • learn how to integrate sex therapy in couple therapy
  • learn skills that will help couples improve communication and closeness
  • practically apply the theory through exercises and case discussion

The workshop does not require any previous knowledge and is suitable for those participants who regularly work with couples as well as those primarily working with individuals who wish to gain an understanding of couple therapy.

WORKSHOP: Please contact us for the next workshop for 2019 and go on our waiting list


Payment to Bank Account: 02-0432-0070870-002  


Dr Allyson Waite and Paula Dennan are both Clinical Psychologists who specialise in working with couples and individuals experiencing difficulties with intimacy and sexuality.  They are Regional Directors and accredited therapists with Sex Therapy New Zealand.

Ally has a background in mental health services, individual and couple therapy.  Her practice is strongly influenced by attachment theory and relational models of therapy including Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and Cognitive Analytic Therapy.  She teaches in the area of sexuality through the University of Auckland.

Paula has over twenty five years of clinical experience.  She teaches the Bader Pearson Developmental Model of Couple Therapy which integrates attachment, differentiation and neuro-science.  Paula works from a bio-psycho-social model and values a systemic relational approach.