Dr Allyson Waite

Dr Ally Waite is our Regional Director and One of Our Auckland Therapists

As regional director, I am responsible for all clinical practice in the central and North  Auckland area and in Northland. It is my job to direct you to the therapist who is most suitable for your needs. We have several excellent therapists operating in central Auckland. 

I am in private practice on the North Shore and in Parnell offering therapy for emotional and sexual intimacy difficulties . I completed Advanced Sex Therapy training when I first arrived in New Zealand and I now teach the courses which are now available through the Goodfellow Unit at Auckland University.

I trained in the UK in Cognitive Analytic Therapy, a relational model of therapy and my  practice is strongly informed by models of lifespan development and attachment. I am registered with ACC to provide Psychological Services and have a particular interest in working with people with trauma. I also offer 
general psychological assessment and treatment, supervision and training. 

I enjoy working with older people and issues of later life, indeed my background is in working with adults and older people presenting with severe and enduring mental health difficulties.

Regional Director
North Shore
D. Clin.Psy, B.Sc (Hons), C.Psyc. PG Dip. CAT, MNZCCP, MNZPsS

Paula Dennan

Paula Dennan is our Central and South Auckland Regional Director and Therapist

As regional director I coordinate referrals within the Auckland Region liaising with the therapist who is most suitable for your needs. We have a team of eight excellent therapists operating in the Auckland Region including Central, North, South and East Auckland areas.    

I work in Central Auckland in Parnell.  I have over 25 years of clinical experience, having completed Advanced Sex Therapy training in 2005. I have a special interest in working with couples with emotional and sexual relationship/ intimacy issues.  I believe each person has a unique history of experiences and skills which influence their thinking, feelings and behaviour. I enjoy working collaboratively to develop the goals for therapy and developing new possibilities towards these goals.

I also provide consultancy for a range of personal and clinical issues (e.g. mood disorders - anxiety and depression, grief, emotional and/or sexual trauma which can also impact healthy sexual functioning).

I am also involved in training and supervising therapists in sex therapy and relationship therapy skills which enables me the opportunity to support our therapist and allied professional community.

Regional Director
Master Social Science (Hons), Dip of Psychology (Clinical); MNZPS, MSESNZ NZ Registered Clinical Psychologist

Gabriela Mercado

Gabriela Mercado is one of our Auckland therapists

My work has a special focus in relationship issues, emotional and sexual intimacy, gender identity conflicts and sex addiction. Through my professional and personal experience, I have found psychotherapy to be the most powerful tool to work out the emotional and psychological pain that prevents a person to live a fulfilling life.

I completed advanced training in sex therapy through the Goodfellow Unit, Auckland University in 2012. 

I have worked as a senior psychotherapist at the New Zealand Aids Foundation- Burnett Centre for seven years. I also work with migration and refugee issues. I am fluent in English and Spanish. My private practice is located in Ponsonby, Auckland.

Registered Psychotherapist, PBANZ; MHSc (Hons) Dip Psych MNZAP

Hilary Gerrard

Hilary Gerrard is one of our East Auckland therapists

I particularly enjoy navigating the difficulties clients have with sexual intimacy, sexual functioning, sexual and gender identity and sexuality related to illness and ageing.

I work from an eclectic mix of therapeutic modalities and try and tailor fit them to my individual client(s).  But, above all I believe in the client(s)/therapist relationship being central to the therapeutic work.

I competed advanced sex therapy training through the University of Auckland in 2012 and the P.G. Diploma in Counselling in 2010, but my interest in sex therapy began over 10 years ago. At the time I worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist with HIV positive patients and listened to their individual struggles to have fulfilling intimate sexual relationships since their diagnosis.  I wanted to have the skills required to help them have a better understanding of their issues.

P.G. Diploma in Counselling (Auckland) NZRN; MNZAC.

Margo Regan

Margo Regan is one of our Auckland therapists

After completing post-graduate studies in Counselling at the University of Auckland, I undertook specialized training in Family Therapy, Gottman Couples Therapy, Imago Couples Therapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. As well as specializing in couples therapy, I have worked in addictions, gaining experience in both residential inpatient and community outpatient programmes. I have also studied various Tantra and Taoist practices.

I particularily enjoy working with couples and individuals who are experiencing sexual dysfunction, addiction, communication, emotional and intimacy issues such as conflict, communication shut-down, lack of trust, sex addiction, pornography addiction, premature/delayed ejaculation, orgasm difficulties, and mismatched libido. I believe our romantic partnerships are the most precious relationships we have and deserve regular nourishment, care, and attention. I love helping couples transform negative, unhealthy patterns of relating into passionate, positive, connected experiences and assisting individuals overcome sexual dysfunctions that result in living a more joyous, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

My approach is to empower individuals and couples to gain insight, tools, and techniques to ensure they are connecting passionately with themselves and others. My approach is tailored to the individual and the issue that I am working with and can include mindfulness, psychotherapeutic techniques exploring originating cause or DBT/CBT addiction clinical treatment plans or techniques from Tantra/Taoist practices to enhance lovemaking.

BBS, BSc, P.G. Dip Counselling, NZCC, Provisional Member Registered with NZAC

Seng Poh Lee

Seng Poh Lee is one of our Auckland therapists

Before becoming a full-time private practitioner, I have worked as a psychotherapist at the Burnett Centre (New Zealand Aids Foundation) and have experience in offering therapy for sexual identity/orientation, emotional and sexual relationship/intimacy difficulties.

My therapeutic style incorporates expert listening, constructive discussion and creating a supportive environment where my clients feel comfortable to talk about their most personal thoughts and feelings.  I work relationally and collaboratively with my clients to build a trusting relationship where they are able to explore, develop deeper self-awareness and work through issues that are causing distress.

My real world experience also draws from living in New Zealand for over thirty years and the understanding of work stressors of professionals in large organisations of different industries, before becoming a psychotherapist.  Having also lived in Asia for a significant part of my life, I am familiar with Asian culture and have experience in working with clients presenting with identity, cultural and migration issues. I am fully fluent in English but can also speak and address some concerns in Chinese if that is more convenient. 

My therapy room is currently in Three Lamps Ponsonby, Auckland. 

Master of Psychotherapy (Hons) PBANZ; MNZAP; IARPP