Dr Allyson Waite

Dr Ally Waite is our Regional Director and One of Our Auckland Therapists

As regional director, I am responsible for all clinical practice in the central and North  Auckland area and in Northland. It is my job to direct you to the therapist who is most suitable for your needs. We have several excellent therapists operating in central Auckland. 

I am in private practice in Parnell offering therapy for emotional and sexual intimacy difficulties . I completed Advanced Sex Therapy training when I first arrived in New Zealand and I now teach the courses which are now available through the Goodfellow Unit at Auckland University.

I trained in the UK in Cognitive Analytic Therapy, a relational model of therapy and my  practice is strongly informed by models of lifespan development and attachment. I also offer general psychological assessment and treatment, supervision and training and I have a particular interest in working with people where trauma is part of the picture.

I enjoy working with older people and issues of later life, indeed my background is in working with adults and older people presenting with severe and enduring mental health difficulties.

Regional Director
D. Clin.Psy, B.Sc (Hons), C.Psyc. PG Dip. CAT, MNZCCP, MNZPsS

Paula Dennan

Paula Dennan is our Central and South Auckland Regional Director and Therapist

As regional director I coordinate referrals within the Auckland Region liaising with the therapist who is most suitable for your needs. We have a team of four excellent therapists operating in the Auckland Region including Central, North, South and East Auckland areas.    

I work in Central Auckland in Parnell.  I have over 25 years of clinical experience, having completed Advanced Sex Therapy training in 2005. I have a special interest in working with couples with emotional and sexual relationship/ intimacy issues.  I believe each person has a unique history of experiences and skills which influence their thinking, feelings and behaviour. I enjoy working collaboratively to develop the goals for therapy and developing new possibilities towards these goals.

I also provide consultancy for a range of personal and clinical issues (e.g. mood disorders - anxiety and depression, grief, emotional and/or sexual trauma which can also impact healthy sexual functioning).

I am also involved in training and supervising therapists in sex therapy and relationship therapy skills which enables me the opportunity to support our therapist and allied professional community.

Regional Director
Master Social Science (Hons), Dip of Psychology (Clinical); MNZPS, MSESNZ NZ Registered Clinical Psychologist

Gabriela Mercado

Gabriela Mercado is one of our Auckland therapists

My work has a special focus in relationship issues, emotional and sexual intimacy, gender identity conflicts and sex addiction. Through my professional and personal experience, I have found psychotherapy to be the most powerful tool to work out the emotional and psychological pain that prevents a person to live a fulfilling life.

I completed advanced training in sex therapy through the Goodfellow Unit, Auckland University in 2012. 

I have worked as a senior psychotherapist at the New Zealand Aids Foundation- Burnett Centre for seven years. I also work with migration and refugee issues. I am fluent in English and Spanish. My private practice is located in Northcote, Auckland.

North Shore
Registered Psychotherapist, PBANZ; MHSc (Hons) Dip Psych MNZAP

Jillian Butterworth

Jillian Buttereworth is one of our Auckland therapists

I am a Clinical Psychologist working in Henderson, West Auckland. I have over 13 years of clinical experience. I decided to train in sex therapy in Aotearoa as my work as a psychotherapist has highlighted the importance of healthy sexuality and sexual relationships. I want to work with people who want to improve their sexual wellbeing as part of their own growth, and those who wish to heal from painful traumatic experiences. I am trained psychodynamically but think and use other psychological paradigms including CBT, feminist therapies, family systems, and others.

I have worked with people who have experienced sexual traumas, out of control sexual behaviour, hypersexuality, or have experienced difficulties with being a part of the LGBTI community, and other clinical disorders. I have also provided sex education in primary and high schools.

I have presented two papers at an international conference in 2015 and I recently co-authored an article for the Journal of Sexual Medicine titled: ICD-11 Paraphilic Disorders: A South African Analysis of It’s Utility in the Medico-Legal Context.

Clinical Psychologist

Toyia McWilliams

Toyia McWilliams is one of our Auckland Consultants

I am a Clinical Psychologist working in Henderson (West Auckland) and Pakuranga (East Auckland). I have over 18 years of clinical experience. I am currently in training with Sex Therapy New Zealand. I have worked with clients with sexual trauma for several years and realised the negative impact this type of trauma has on individuals. My passion is in helping those with sexual trauma to enjoy healthy sexual wellbeing. I also work with people struggling with gender identity and sexual orientation related issues. I have also worked with people who have sexually concerning behaviours. I am trained in the biopsychosocial model but use primarily CBT and others.

Clinical Psychologist