The Sex Therapy New Zealand Approach to Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

Sex Therapy New Zealand therapists are skilled in an holistic approach and they approach your situation knowing it is unique.  We take the time to assess your current concerns extensively; to know enough about who you are and your relationship situation and to gather details of all potential contributing factors. That way we can work comprehensively and effectively to find solutions to your concerns in a timely and cost effective way.


They understand how the sexual response cycle occurs in a body and the many ways in which aging, illness, injury and medication can impact on this functioning.  They also know that you are far more than a physical body. They have extensive knowledge of the dance of intimacy that occurs in a relationship, the skills required to achieve and maintain intimacy in an on-going relationship and all of the ways life can provide challenges for closeness.


Our therapists are also very aware that human sexuality offers plenty of scope to cross the boundaries into sexual behaviour that can be destructive for you or for others.  We are skilled in working with sexual addiction and all of the paraphilias that can cause great concern for you or your loved ones.


Our aim is that you leave sex therapy with your concerns resolved plus a greater closeness than you may have ever experienced before.