One hour email consults

1 hour email consultations give you an opportunity to have your question answered in private, without even having to identify yourself. The answer will be in written form. Any question about sexuality, intimacy and relationships is valid. Give us enough detail to be able to answer your question fully and helpfully. Only one question or concern is addressed per consultation and the therapist will include referral information and may suggest books or other resources that you could find helpful.

Questions are answered in written form by a qualified and experienced Sex Therapist. The response will be the professional's individualised answer to your exact concern and a discussion of the issues arising. When appropriate, advice is included. It will be emailed directly to you. The subject line will simply say STNZ.

We will ensure you receive your response within 72 hours. This delay is due to the fact that our therapists already have commitments to face-to-face clients.

1 hour email consultations are not a substitute for face-to-face sex therapy and there is a limit to what can be achieved in this way. Some people start out with a 1 hour email consultation and then feel confident to move into face-to-face work so where possible do give us your location so we can arrange for the therapist closest to you to respond to your concerns.

In accordance with the policy recommendation of relative professional organisations, this service is only available to people living within New Zealand or to New Zealand citizens temporarily overseas.

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