Kathryn Barriball is one of our Auckland Therapists

Some therapists prefer not to display a photograph of them selves. This professional photograph is not intended to represent either therapist or clients and a is representation of the therapy process only. 
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New Zealand Registered Psychotherapist

I work in private practice in Hamilton, where I provide short and long term psychotherapy and counseling for individuals and couples with emotional and sexual intimacy difficulties. I am committed to helping people meet their challenges and to triumph in a way that enhances the quality of their relationships with others, their personal enjoyment and their satisfaction in life.

My practice is also systemically informed, i.e. individuals are embedded within families, communities and societies which all impact on each other. To quote Robyn Salisbury, 'Strong sexual relationships make strong families and strong families make strong communities'.

I completed the AdvancedSex therapy training in 2005 and also have nearly 20 years' experience as a qualified psychotherapist. 

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Mary Hodson is the regional Director for the Waikato. To contact her

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